Control of seeding material

Seeds undergo several testing stages to prove the compliance with organic standards.

For organic farming, we choose only seeds with high sowing qualities, resistant to machining defects, diseases and climate changes, weed-competitive and produce high yields.

The Soybean Research Institute, a full-fledged R&D department of Arnika agro-industrial group conducts selection and primary seed production of own varieties of soybeans and some legumes.

Seeds from other suppliers undergo a thorough check for the GMO and prohibited chemicals content. Firstly, we check the seed quality in our laboratory, where we determine the seed germinating ability, germinating energy, purity, etc. We use Artron express tests to check the GMO content.

At the same time, we ask suppliers to confirm the seed quality by providing a certificate issued by the State Certification and Expertise Centre for Agricultural Products, and a test report on GMO content when purchasing seeds for GMO-risk crops.

Inorganic seeds of both own selection and purchased from other suppliers are suitable for organic farming only after obtaining the official permission from Organic Standard. Therefore, Arnika’s experts take a very careful and balanced approach when choosing seeds.