Post Harvesting and Storage

All the Company’s products undergo several cleanings and post-harvesting processes.

To meet the quality indicators in accordance with the state standards and individual contract requirements, the products are processed on our equipment. Post-harvesting includes drying, cleaning, and calibration of grain.

Special drying regulations have been developed for different crops, which makes it possible to strictly comply with the state standards and individual contract requirements while preserving the premium quality of our organic products. Dryers are equipped with the heat exchangers that prevent organic products from contamination by combustion products.

Also, the Company's specialists are experienced in producing soybean seed varieties, and this competence was rather useful when the Company moved to organic production. In particular, the specialists process organic soybean seeds and industrial hemp on specifically equipped seed dryers.

Immediately after cleaning and calibration, organic products are packaged in big bags, checked for quality indicators, labelled, added into the online database and transported to specifically equipped organic warehouses to form commodity export lots.

The products are stored in warehouses that have been inspected by the certifying body. Warehousing is carried out in the way to ensure the identification of each lot and to prevent mixing or blending of products and/or substances that do not comply with the organic production requirements. Organic products are always easily recognizable and identified. We do not practice simultaneous bulk storage of different crops in one and the same warehouse. We avoid long-term grain storage in bulk, since the storage of packaged products, in our opinion, reduces the risk of product contamination and provides a convenient quality control system in each big bag.