Dryers and Cleaning Equipment

A key requirement for organic products is the absence of any inorganic forbidden impurities and compliance with the standards and export contracts. To meet these requirements, we use only highly efficient equipment, prepared specifically for organic production.

Arnika has 5 cleaning and grain drying complexes to ensure high quality of these processes. Dryers are equipped with heat generators and heat exchangers that prevent organic products from contamination by combustion products.

Laboratory of Quality

Quality control over production and processing is carried out by highly-qualified laboratory employees with the help of both Ukrainian and European equipment (scales, moisture meters, water thermostats, thermoprobes, microscopes, mills, etc.).

For example, the express moisture meter Wile 65 (manufactured in Finland) is used to measure the product moisture content in order to ensure the on-line setting of grain dryers. For product packaging and preparation for export, we use a more accurate instrument — drying cabinet SESh-3m of Ukrainian production.

To obtain accurate data on the protein and oil content, we use MULTI CHEK, the German equipment for determining grain quality.

Also, organic products are thoroughly cleaned and calibrated. Thus, warehouses are equipped with highly-productive Ukrainian and foreign equipment. In particular, there is the Fadeyev calibration line (one of the largest in Ukraine) and 8 Petkus machines of different modifications (Germany).