The success and the quality of organic farming depend on the technical machinery and equipment. Arnika has a modern machinery fleet for efficient organic farming. In production, we combine traditional methods with the latest technologies. Thus, we use the unique technique of the following world manufacturers.

John Deere

(Tractors, combines, seeders)

Challenger MT865c


Haldrup C-85

Great Plains

(Seeders, cultivators, heavy- duty harrows)


(Row cultivators, harrow bars)




(Balers, rakes, disk harrows)


(Heavy duty harrows)





We have our own repair service and the necessary capacity for timely high-quality routine maintenance for each machinery unit. In addition, if necessary, we use the services of authorized service centers of the responsive manufacturers. Therefore, the Arnika’s technical park is always in working order and ready to operate.

When selecting machinery, a special attention is paid whether it complies with all standards of organic production. Before being used, the machinery undergoes thorough maintenance checks to determine technical malfunctions or damages that may affect the product quality or the production process.

Before starting work, when machines drive from conversion to organic fields, or after harvesting buffer zones, all equipment undergoes mandatory cleaning. Also, all types of machinery are equipped with GPS-navigators, that allow tracking any of its movements.