GPS monitoring of machinery

To monitor the movement, control and accounting of the Company's machinery, we use the Track Control AGRO software and hardware complex system for machinery monitoring by RCS-Telemetry.

This complex includes special software and hardware installed on each machinery unit and trailed equipment. On-board equipment using GPS/GLONASS satellite signals determines the location, speed, direction of vehicle movement, type of operation, and also controls the state of the sensors and records them in non-volatile memory.


Thanks to the Track Control AGRO software and hardware system for machinery monitoring, we receive on-line information about the machinery movement, field works registration, and all operations with machinery, including its cleaning, refuelling, etc. The dispatchers of the navigation department monitor the work of vehicles and trailing units.

Each driver has a unique ID-card, with which operating the vehicle starts. With the help of this card, we keep track of who, when and on what equipment performed the operation.

On the request of certification authorities or customers, we provide information on the movement of the vehicle with organic products, the history of its cleaning and other operations.