Identification and Control of Organic Products Movement

Traceability in organic products is the key principle in the Company’s work. We have the opportunity to track the movement of organic products through all stages: from seed to export lot.

While harvesting, we clearly separate product flows; for example, buffer zones are threshed, transported, accounted and stored separately from organic products.

In addition, cleaning, transportation, accounting and storage of organic products from each field are carried out separately in specially equipped organic warehouses without any contamination.

Transportation of organic products from the field to the warehouse is mandatory monitored and recorded with the Teletrack software and hardware complex for satellite monitoring by RCS.

After cleaning, drying and calibration, the products are packaged in big bags, marked with individual barcodes and entered in the accounting records. According to the information on the barcode, it is possible to trace the origin and all movements of organic products.

After the transport lots are formed and sampled for analyzes, big-bags with organic products are usually sealed by Organic Standard representatives or the buyer, which excludes any uncontrolled operations or blending. Transport lots that are marked in accordance with the standard requirements, are stored separately and can be checked by the buyer or certification body at any time.

When shipping products, together with the representatives of buyers we check the numbers and continuity of the samples on big-bags and draw up the relevant document. And in the future, we can provide full information about the products in each big-bag upon the buyer's request, in accordance with the barcode on the big-bag.