Internal Organic Standards

Arnika’s organic production is a chain of interrelated processes that are based on European principles and standards of organic production.

Internal standards are obligatory for all workers to follow and enable us to control the main stages of organic production:

  • 1 Planning of seeding;
  • 2 Presowing works;
  • 3 Sowing works;
  • 4 Crop tending;
  • 5 Harvesting;
  • 6 Transportation to the processing and storage facilities;
  • 7 Storage of harvested crops;
  • 7 Easy processing and packaging;
  • 8 Pre-sale work;
  • 10 Compilation of reports.

The Company’s internal organic inspection represented by qualified specialists, controls over the observance of all organic production requirements. In addition, we have developed the program that monitors the quality of field works. With the help of this program, experts report on the crops state, the volume and quality of the work performed, confirming the information with the photo and video materials.