Our mission

Our mission is to create a developed ecosystem of organic business in Ukraine that will unite researchers, producers, processors, logistics experts and traders of organic products.

We do not only grow organic products, but we also create the efficient modern organic production. Our team develops new technologies, experiments and seeks after the most effective solutions to produce stable and high organic yield, ensure its storing, processing and delivering in the compliance with all organic standards.

Our Vision

Organic is not just a profitable sphere of agribusiness for us. This is the philosophy we live for. Daily we work to ensure the development of organic production both in the Company and in Ukraine, and to reach a new qualitative level..

We aspire to become the largest organic agro-holding in Ukraine and Europe, and to be the leader in organic farming. Thus, we create and apply innovative technologies, attract scientists to the work, actively represent the company, and Ukraine, as a producer of quality organic products in the world market.

We consider ourselves as a constituent part of the Ukrainian eco-system of organic business. We bring together other researchers, producers and processors of organic products, and openly share our know-how. Together with partners, we bring Ukraine to the vanguard of organic farming in the world.


Sustainable development: we are constantly developing by combining the strategy of running the efficient and profitable business with the social responsibility in order to preserve a healthy environment and fertility of the Ukrainian land for our future generations. Our company's activities are aimed at expanding and developing economic opportunities in organic production, improving the welfare of all participants in the ecological system and uniting efforts for the sake of the environment protection.

Openness and Traceability: we are maximally open to partners, certification bodies and consumers. All stages and directions of organic production and accounting are available for our partners, so they can be certain about the quality of organic product and its ecological properties. We record all stages and processes of organic production and internal logistics of organic products from seed material to pre-packaged organic product.

Quality: we produce premium organic products for the most demanding customers in compliance with the strictest world organic standards. The quality control system of organic production is established for constant monitoring of key business processes in the company.

Innovation: we are constantly looking for new ways to produce high-quality organic products, revive the Ukrainian traditions of organic farming, and combine them with modern technological developments.

Partnership: we establish long-term mutually beneficial relationship with all participants of the organic market of Ukraine and the world. We perceive other companies not as competitors, but as like-minded partners. Together we develop effective organic agro-technologies, make the planet cleaner and change the world for the better.