Organic Inspection

Quality is one of the Company’s priority values. The Company’s organic inspection was established to monitor product quality and its compliance with the internal and European standards. The organic inspection includes qualified specialists, industry experts and scientists. Quality control is carried out constantly, and every week the representatives of the organic inspection check the compliance with the standards.

In order to control the product quality and the compliance with the organic requirements, we use modern methods. At each production stage, we conduct analyzes in our own and independent laboratories, we monitor the fields with the help of drones and satellites.

In addition, we have developed a program that monitors the quality of field works. By means of this program, experts report on the crops state, the volume and quality of the work performed, confirming the information with the photo and video materials.

Also, the representatives of the certification bodies ensure that the production processes comply with the standards. In particular, twice a year we undergo an inspection by Organic Standard. If necessary, the representatives of the certification bodies are present when forming the transport lots and shipment of organic export products. Some clients also invite inspectors from the international certification institutions, for example, we have twice successfully undergone the inspection by the authoritative European institution CERES