Territorial Communities and Landowners

Carrying out its activities in the countryside, Arnika takes full responsibility for the prosperity of the regions of its presence.

Most of our social activities are structured on the basis of the needs of the territorial communities.

We support the Company’s active social position, which includes harmonious coexistence, interaction and constant dialogue with the community residents, participation in solving acute social problems. We allocate our own funds for supporting schools, kindergartens, clinics, cultural and sports institutions, rural roads repair, and gasification, etc.

Throughout our economic activities, we provide the WWII veterans with food baskets, the first-graders and graduates receive gifts on the occasion of the Day of Knowledge, preschoolers and schoolchildren get sweets on the St. Nicholas Day, etc.

Arnika also supports:

  • 1 Ataka boxing club — young sportsmen often win first places in regional matches, one of them is a prize-winner of Ukraine;
  • 2 Ippolar recreational club — the courses of hippotherapy (riding on horses) for children with cerebral palsy are conducted on the club’s facilities;
  • 3 House for single elderly people;
  • 4 Since Anti-Terrorist Operation continues in our country, Arnika actively helps voluntary organizations that support the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

In recent years, approximately ten million of working capital have been allocated for the social development of rural communities where the Company leases land.

Особлива увага приділяється співпраці з партнерами — власниками земельних паїв.

Particular attention is paid to cooperation with our partners — landowners of land plots. One of the evidences of the proper partnership is that the land rent is increasing annually. In 2016, it was about 10 percent of the land cost.

Also, it is possible to receive money for land plots in advance, an extended range of products is offered instead of a lease payment, and there are additional bonus payments.

On preferable terms, we provide services of personal land plots cultivation, and we are constantly working to improve the quality of our service by updating the machinery fleet.

To conduct an open and active dialogue with local communities, we use the following means of communication:

Арніка Часопис. Випуск №3 (березень 2017)

We issue the corporate newspaper Arnika Chasopys and distribute it among our employees and Arnika’s shareholders. In the monthly publication, the readers are provided with the information on the Company’s activities and development, labor relations, participation in public life, and our social projects.

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Hotline for landowners. Anyone can contact us, ask a question and get a competent answer.

0 800 40 10 50