The agro-industrial group Arnika has in the long-term lease (from 7 to 20 years) more than 14,99 thousand hectares of land under organic farming in Hlobyne, Kremenchuk and Semenivka districts in Poltava region.

On the map, we provide an opportunity to get acquainted with our organic fields, crops and field history.


Arnika has 18,9 thousand hectares of land: 14,99 thousand hectares are cultivated in accordance with the EU standard — without the application of prohibited fertilizers and plant protection products.

In 2015 the first organic crop was harvested from 2, 2 thousand hectares and its quality is in compliance with EU and Bio Suisse standards and in addition the crop 2017 was certified in accordance with the NOP USDA standard.

As of the end of 2017, the organic land bank has been increased till 6,154 thousand hectares due to the certification of new lands according to the EU, BioSuisse and NOP USDA standards.

In 2019 the overall organic land bank of the company is 14,99 thousand hectares.

Soil Analysis

Organic farming requires the constant monitoring of soil condition and chemical composition. Arnika introduced the soil monitoring system to control soil quality, keep track of indicators and apply appropriate agrotechnical measures.

In 2017, agrochemical soil analysis is being carried out on all Arnika’s fields. Here are the first analysis results, as soon as the analysis is done, we will provide the committed partners with the results.